Fishing in lake Lygnern

Fjärås, Kungsbacka

Lygnern is a deep lake and it is often windy on the lake. There are a number of beautiful bathing areas around the lake and at the lake’s northern beach, you will find Ramhultafallet, a powerful sight with its 65 meter high waterfalls that torrent down to the water’s edge.


There is a pathway and stairs from Bräcka down to Lygnern. Take a swim at the bathing area that has a beautiful and popular sandy beach.


You will need a fishing permit if you wish to go fishing. The permit is sold at Tempo in the centre of Fjärås as well as at the Tourist office in Kungsbacka.

Fishing methods that are allowed and types of fish you will find

Fishing methods that are allowed include: Spinning and fly-fishing, angling, ice fishing, trolling, as well as angling with a maximum of 15 per card. It is prohibited to fish for trout and salmon from October 1 until February 28. The minimum measurement for trout is 35 cm and for salmon is 50 cm.

Fish that are caught which are smaller than the minimum measurement shall be released immediately at the place where they were caught. It is required to leave a catch report for every catch of trout or other interesting fish (for instance, pike).

In Lygnern, there are perch, pike, bream, minnow, whitefish, tench, eel, trout, ruffe, and smelt.

Eel is a protected fish and you must release it very carefully if you should happen to catch one.

Water that is included in the area

Lygnern, Stora and Lilla Svansjön, Storån up to the Sätila water treatment facility, Staborgsund and Sundsjön. In Sundsjön, you may not fish from the bridge on the national road at Ålgårda, nor downstream from this bridge.