Fjärås Bräcka

Climb up onto Fjärås Bräcka and enjoy the view of the lakes, the sea, the woods and the meadows.

From Fjärås Bräcka, a geological formation that was left after the last ice age, you will be at 60 meters above sea level and will have a fantastic view of both the sea and Lygnern, Halland’s largest lake!

Lygnern is long and narrow, and reaches from Fjärås in the west, to Sätila in the east. The lake is 52 meters deep, and it covers an area of 31,5 km2. It is 15 meters above sea level. It is Halland’s largest lake, despite the fact that only half of its area is actually in Halland. It is known for its clean, pure water.

From 1890 to 1924, the steamboat, Isa, trafficked lake Lygnern and travelled between Sätila and Fjärås. Passengers walked along a trail over the crest of Bräcka and down the long staircase. In the gravel pit, there was a small railway station where trains left for Fjärås and on to further transport to Gothenburg.

Several years ago, a reconstructed version of the Isa steamboat began trafficking Lygnern again during the summer season.

If you now look out toward the west, you will see the Kungsbacka Fjord and the Onsala Peninsula glimmering in the distance. Rich marine life and beautiful bathing areas can be found there. The fjord is also a nature reserve.