The Svalhögen

The Svalhögen is a hill of gravel that is grazed and grows juniper bushes; it has a graveyard and a stone circle.

Grazing animals provide benefits to the plant life that thrives on light, such as milkwort and wild thyme. There are many unusual and beautiful insects that live on this sunny, sandy land.

You can calmly follow the marked trails through the grazing land, but always show the animals respect and care as well as do what you can to avoid large cows with calves.

Rare Pollinators (Hymenoptera)

Fjärås Bräcka is one of the most valuable areas in western Sweden for stinging wasps and other threatened species. There are species such as Andrena hattorfiana, Andrena marginata, Multillidae, and the Tiphiidae, Tiphia minuta.

In 2003, a completely new species for Sweden was found here, Crossocerus exiguus.