Welcome to naturum Fjärås Bräcka Visitor Centre!

This exhibition will introduce you to the distinctive landscape surrounding naturum Fjärås Bräcka Visitor Centre.

Let us tell you the epic story of how once upon a time Bräckan (the geological formation that gave Fjärås Bräcka its name) came into being. And the lyrical tale of how the landscape became filled with plants and animals. And last of all the dramatic story of the people whose cultural history has left traces throughout the landscape.

The landscape around Fjärås Bräcka can be described as different rooms, and these rooms are reflected in the exhibition, each with its own special entrance. These rooms guide you through the exhibition’s three central themes: the geology, biology and cultural history of the area. We want to give you a pair of glasses for each of these themes: geological, biological and cultural history glasses, that will help you during your visit to interpret the traces and remains found in the surrounding landscape.

Each new section of the exhibition has its own QR code.

There is also a central hub where the three themes converge. There you can take a closer look at aspects of the landscape and perhaps discover still more connections between the exhibition’s three themes. But we also want to tempt you out in this fantastic countryside – a unique experience that brings new perspectives!

Underlying this exhibition is the awareness of the continually changing landscape. Some changes take place slowly over long periods of time, others are sudden and more dramatic. Some of these changes are nothing to worry about, while others are more alarming. It is our hope that after visiting this exhibition, you too will be a little changed, that thanks to having gained deeper knowledge you will feel that this landscape is worth protecting and maintaining for future generations.

The Insect Hotel and the Insect Hunt

Make sure to visit the Insect Hotel beside the reception. It has been designed primarily for our younger visitors. Inside the hotel you can play or just relax among all the exciting insects. Some insects are hiding both inside the hotel and in the exhibition. You too can join in their game of hide-and-seek and fly out on an insect hunt!

This is what to do

  • Fetch pen and paper from the reception.
  • Look for insects in here and in the major exhibition.
  • Six insects have a letter beside them.
  • Write down these six letters.
    Don’t forget! Look out for the female Bee-killer wasp! (Philanthus Triangulum)
    She likes to play tricks! And she feeds her larvae with small honeybees…
  • Put the six letters together to make a word. (Don’t forget! This is a Swedish word, but maybe you can find another visitor who speaks Swedish and can help you?)
  • Hand in your answer (and your pen) to the reception, and maybe you will be the winner of this year’s insect hunt!

Bzzzz bzzz (“Good luck!” in Honeybee language.)