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Naturum Fjärås Bräcka Visitor Centre

Fjärås, Kungsbacka

Doorway to Nature

The naturum is a visitor’s centre within a nature reserve. It functions as a doorway to Nature and to a particular nature reserve.

In a naturum, you get to know more about the flora, fauna, geology, and cultural history that have shaped the area around you.

naturums can be found throughout the entire country. The actual structures that house a Naturum often interplay with the nature around them, and the activities they offer provide everyone the opportunity to learn more about nature and the environment.  

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency owns the rights to the name naturum.

There are 33 naturums in Sweden.

The naturum at Fjärås Bräcka

At the naturum Fjärås Bräcka Visitor Centre, there is an exhibit about the nature, environment and cultural history in the area.

You are provided with tips and suggestions about what is happening in the natural surroundings at the moment of your visit, and just outside the door, you will find trails and pathways that open up the road to discovery for you.

We host evening events that focus on certain themes and we offer special activities for children. During weekends and the summer season, knowledgeable personnel who can encourage and inspire your outdoor visit work at the centre.

The building’s architecture and placement has been chosen with great care. One such example can be seen by the gneiss walls of Fjärås. These stones were previously broken on Lygnern’s northern side.

The visitor who would like a little refreshment can enjoy our café that serves organic and locally grown products.

Contact information

Stenaliden 69
43974 Fjärås
Phone: +46-300837550

E-mail: naturum.fjarasbracka@kungsb...
Website: https://www.naturumfjarasbr...

Opening hours

  1. Today11:00-17:00
  2. Sunday11:00-17:00
  3. Monday11:00-17:00
  4. Tuesday11:00-17:00
  5. Wednesday11:00-17:00
  6. Thursday11:00-17:00
  7. Friday11:00-17:00

Public transportation

After that, it is an approximately 15–20 minute walk to the naturum visitor centre.


From Kungsbacka, drive the E6 southwards to Fjärås and turn off at the E6 junction number 58. Follow the signs to Fjärås Bräcka.