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Café Bräckan

Fjärås, Kungsbacka

The naturum’s popular café serves organic and locally grown products, and is open year-round.

With the help of this region’s best producers and suppliers, we offer our guests a lush oasis between the lake and the sea, where nature and knowledge, taste and quality are focused.

In concert with the view and the water that characterizes this place, we wish to inspire a sustainable and creative lifestyle and an increased sense of well being among all our guests.

Inside the  naturum, there is a children’s play area with books, costumes for role-play, and toys.


Contact information

Stenaliden 69
43974 Fjärås
Phone: +46-300837125

E-mail: naturum.fjarasbracka@kungsb...
Website: https://www.naturumfjarasbr...

Opening hours

  1. Today11:00-17:00
  2. Saturday11:00-17:00
  3. Sunday11:00-17:00
  4. Monday11:00-17:00
  5. Tuesday11:00-17:00
  6. Wednesday11:00-17:00
  7. Thursday11:00-17:00

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